Bombay Bites

The Journey of a Generation

Bombay Bites is the fruit of a generation of courageous young men who in the 1960s travelled across the world dreaming of a better life.

From humble beginnings, charming smiles and thick Indian accents their entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and years of sacrifice established this great nations love affair with Indian food.

Fast forward to now and Bombay Bites is their modern day legacy. Marrying authentic Indian favourites with our need for speed and convenience the Bombay Box was born.

Evolving to suit new eating habits and busy lifestyles, Bombay Bites represents a commitment to age old cooking techniques whilst allowing you to add your own personal touches.

From a mild creamy Korma to a fiery hot Madras, we warmly invite you to embrace flavours which have now become part and parcel of British culture.

The best way to attract new customers is to offer delicious food and exceptional service to all our customers.

So, if you’re up for the journey, choose your favourite Bombay Box and enjoy years of tradition and delight with every Bombay Bite.




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